Reaper. 2008

Directed by Vladimir Martynov, idea of performance Ulan Djaparov, performance Ulan Djaparov, video montage Svetlana Bakushina, camera Vladimir Martynov, sound design Dmitry Mazurov

The project is carried out within the frameworks of the Art Symposium “Transformation” Shaarbek Amankul Southern coast of Issyk - Kul lake

REAPER and scythe are images come from classical painting and medieval engraving to contemporary performance, video art and sound design.

Color       Length 9 min.      Reaper   Copyright © 2008 Vladimir Martynov

Seventh house. 2006

Idea: Svetlana Shetinina & Vladimir Martynov
photos: Vladimir Martynov
animation: Svetlana Shetinina
music by Steve Roden
(5min) 2005-2006

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