Digital Line. 2002

Directed by Vladimir Martynov, video montage Vitaliy Trohimjuk, production 3D animation  Vitaliy Trohimjuk, digital images Vladimir Martynov

DIGITAL LINE is first multimedia project by Vladimir Martynov created in 2002.

Easel graphic of 90s transform to 3D objects and animation acquiring new meaning.

B&W  Length 11 min.   Digital Line  Copyright © 2008 Vladimir Martynov

State Russian Museum, St. Peterburg, Russia

Synesthesia Box. 2004

Directed by Vladimir Martynov, production 3D animation Svetlana Shetinina, Video montage Svetlana Shetinina, digital images Vladimir Martynov, Music Steve Roden

Color     Length 13 min.

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