Vladimir Martynov
   At the beginning of the enourmous spatial installation of Vladimir Martynov, a Russian artist from Novosibirsk, we see the series of drawings, with the band a few santimeters in width in the middle. Inside the band the black colour smoothly turns into white and then back. The artist conceptually extends this way of tone gradation to his computer works in colour. 
As the result the drawing preserves its underlying significance. The transferral of this method...of composition to enourmous surfaces in his latest works became possible due to digital print on special film. Composing the image on the plane occurs in strictly geometrical and constructive way, the shapes gain intense colouring.
   At the composition's base - the band along the whole width of the film, divided by the reoccuring shapes, thus the artist uses the colour for the creation of plane forms, and the impression of the volume. In some works monochromic colour solution prevails, in the others there are combinations of contrasting colours, the borders of which seems to cut the film and put its integrity under doubt. Some works radiate peace, in the others the colours strengthen and contrastingly collide with one another. This uncommon interplay of colours allows to talk rather not of the original Siberian tinge, but more about а special colour perception of Vladimir Martynov, which might raise interest in the West with its set notions about colour combinations. Martynov transforms the space. using strong film, which can be placed on the floor and walked on. Besides, due to the colours, the habitual sensation of the floor suddenly disappeares. This leads to the change in a man's behaviour. The movements become more cautious. 
   The film can also be hung. Its ponderous hanging bridges architectural notions with the memories about the walls, decorated with textile materials. 
   However its geometrical structure is complemented by folds and waves, which appear as the result of loose hanging, in some places. And this also creates the feeling of uncertainty. Gradually the visitor gains a sensation that the customary dimensions do not exist anymore, which increases ...the uncertainty. 
   The artist perturbs the existing rectangular structures of the exhibitional and newly created internal space with the help of slanting or diagonally stretched coloured bands on the floor , on the walls or on the ceiling. 
The rectangular alignment, and disorientation sets in. In this sense, Valdimir Martynov's logically complete, spatial constellations and compositions are a sign of the spreading feeling of uncertainty of the modern human in our ...postmodernist world, the feeling which has now reached Siberia as well.


Jurgen Weichardt


«Art of Oldenburg landscape» Creative Association
Оctober 2004